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→ Jalerie ♡
26 October 2017 @ 03:40 am

about moinavigation barpersonal project
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☆ for your information ☆ Please do not take anything from that is customized for me from my user information page or my journal. Any graphics including banners like the one above, blinkies, user pictures, etc, with tags on them were made for me and are not to be stolen by other users.

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→ Jalerie ♡
07 May 2018 @ 08:40 am
Jared Padalecki's hair for claimsum1shair.
Paul Harris from ER, season 7, episode 1O: Piece of Mind for is-my-bf.
Flashforward, Gilmore Girls, Supernatural and Wildfire for claima-show.
A Little Inside (re-released Baseball and the Ballerina), A Ring of Endless Light, Friday the 13th (the 2OO9 version), House of Wax (the 2OO5 version), The Christmas Cottage for claimyourmovie.
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→ Jalerie ♡
26 October 2017 @ 05:25 am
three projects to go!Collapse )

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→ Jalerie ♡
26 October 2017 @ 04:20 am

All links from this update will be linked in the sticky update.

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